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Top Quality Telephone Answering Services

We work with businesses of all sizes and across many industries, providing effective and affordable inbound call answering solutions to all manner of enterprises. From call answering and forwarding to order processing and appointment setting, our virtual receptionists can handle any type of inbound call your business might receive. Our assistance with data collection and analysis can be invaluable for your business, too, no matter what industry you’re in or how your business operates.
Real Estate Answering ServicesReal estate firms have long known the value of keeping in constant contact, and many rely on answering services to answer basic questions, make sure messages are taken reliably and communicated quickly, and to ensure that incoming calls are forwarded to the right person the first time, every time. Accuracy, reliability, and punctuality are essentials in every aspect of the real estate business, and our answering service enhances these components for all of our real estate partners.
Whether you’re primarily engaged in buying and selling homes or commercial real estate, managing properties for your clients, or a combination of it all, our virtual receptionists are all experienced in handling real estate-related calls.
Contractor Answering ServicesConversations are difficult on the work site, and the constant interruption of a ringing phone means frequent work stoppages and delays. Fortunately, the answering service specialists at Answering Memphis are here to help, providing a first line of defense for calls from clients, vendors, inspectors, and others. The important calls can be forwarded straight to you whenever you’re available, while everything else results in detailed messages sent to you at intervals of your choosing.
You’re too busy building to spend all your time tending to the telephone’s buzz, so let us handle it for you. Experts and specialists are important in every other area of a successful contracting firm; why should your phone calls be any different?
Healthcare Answering ServicesAppointment setting alone takes up much of a healthcare business’s time. Add in all of the other inbound calls a doctor’s office, hospital, or other healthcare provider receives, and the reason so many medical receptionists are being sought becomes self-evident. The problem is, many of these receptionists sit around with little to do between flurries of calls, creating a bloated payroll that doesn’t entirely pay off.
Our virtual receptionists are always here and always taking calls, ensuring that your healthcare-related inbound calls are answered consistently and promptly. With complete confidentiality and outstanding customer service, your patients will receive the same standard of care over the phone that you provide in the office.
Small Business Answering ServiceAn answering service can benefit small businesses of all types; processing orders, answering basic questions, or even something as simple as taking messages. With customers far more likely to leave a message or inquiry with a live person as opposed to a machine or voicemail, simply using our answering service after-hours can really ramp up your revenue.
Call or contact Answering Memphis today and see how our answering services can help your business. Or sign up for a free, no obligation 7-day trial. This is a great way to experience for yourself the superior range of services offered by AnsweringMemphis.