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Health Care Services

Quality Answering Services for Healthcare Professionals

Quality Answering Services for Healthcare ProfessionalsPatient privacy… Physician availability… Accurate information… These are all major concerns when it comes to the handling of telephone calls to healthcare professionals—concerns that in-house staff are often unable to meet without expensive hours spent on training, monitoring, and follow-through.
With the right healthcare answering service, these concerns can be taken care of without wasting time or resources.
The amount of time spent searching for the right inbound call specialist for a healthcare setting, or the amount of time spent training and/or picking up after the wrong candidate once hired, can be a major drain on a healthcare business. Why suffer through the potential waste and constant uncertainty when you can partner with a proven and reliable healthcare answering service that guarantees the professionalism of its receptionists, the privacy of your patients’ information, and the accurate and immediate update of relevant health issues?

The Power of Connecting with the Right Medical Answering Service

Medical Answering ServicePatients call with questions all the time, and as a healthcare professional it’s your job to make sure they get the answers they need in a timely manner. But patients aren’t the only ones who need answers—healthcare providers have questions they want answered too …. How can I continue to provide excellent healthcare when I spend so much time on the phone? What can I do to make things run more smoothly for my office and my patients? Where can I find support for my team that eases the pressure without running up costs?
The answer is Answering Memphis’s healthcare answering service. Our answering service is scalable and customizable, giving you and your patients the assistance you need at a cost that’s right for your healthcare business. Whether you want a full-time answering service to screen calls for basic information and appointment setting while transferring more important calls directly to you, an after-hours answering service to handle non-emergency calls during evenings, weekends, and holidays (while forwarding emergency calls however you instruct), or something altogether different, our answering service receptionists are ready to help.

You Focus on Healthcare,

We Focus on Call Answering

You Focus on Healthcare, We Focus on Call AnsweringCall us today, and you can stop worrying about your phone lines and start focusing all of your efforts to providing your patients with the best healthcare possible. We’ll discuss precisely how you would like your phone calls answered and how each type of call should be handled. Your patients will never need to know they’re talking to someone outside your office, and all information is handled with strict accordance to all applicable HIPAA laws.


“They’ve been answering my phones for 14 years. I highly recommend them to doctors and medical facilities who want professionalism, charm and accuracy.”
Kerry D. Morgan, M.D., Owner,
Morgan Cardiovascular Clinic