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Professional Answering Services for Contractors

Professional Answering Services for ContractorsIf you’re a contractor, you want to focus on your building projects, not endless phone calls from clients, vendors, and investors. While these phone calls are a necessary part of the business you also know how much of a drain on your time it is to be constantly interrupted by a ringing telephone, and how much of a drain on your resources it is to make sure your staff is available to take calls when you are busy getting the real work done.
You also know how many calls and potential jobs you’ve missed because you were busy on a jobsite and didn’t have anybody manning the phones. You know how many supply coordination problems you’ve run into because you didn’t get a message in time. You know how many projects have been delayed or gone over budget because of communication issues.
With our answering service for contractors and construction professionals, all of these issues will be a thing of the past.

The Power of Contracting with the Right Answering Service

Contractors Answering ServiceYour success as a contractor depends on your ability to find the right people with the right experience to tend to each individual element of the project. A tile expert for the kitchen backsplash, electricians for the wiring, a roofing crew for, well, roofing—hiring the right people is how the job gets done. Answering your phones shouldn’t be any different.
When you contract with the right answering service, your inbound phone calls are answered with the professionalism and expertise you expect in every other area of your business. From clients to vendors and suppliers to architects and inspectors, everyone who calls your contracting business will be connected with a smiling virtual receptionist equipped with the information to answer questions, take detailed and accurate messages, and to forward more urgent calls to the relevant person in your business. You get the job done and the information you need without spending half your time on the phone.
With our answering service for contractors, your business will always be available to anyone who needs to contact you. Calls can be forwarded directly to you following your specific instructions, message and phone call updates can be delivered as frequently as you want, and information can be stored to ensure ongoing accuracy. All at a fraction of the cost of hiring and training staff to answer your phones directly.

Call Today and Get Superior Answering Services Tomorrow

Call Today for Superior Answering ServicesTime is always of the essence for contractors and we’re here to help save yours. A quick phone call today could see your answering service set up and running in no time, putting you almost instantly on the road to greater efficiency and resource retention. Answering Memphis is here to help any time, so why not pick up the phone?


“My business has increased over 40% since they’ve been answering my phones. As my 24 hour office, they help customers and prospects feel like someone listens and cares.”


Jerry Culver, Owner,
Jerry Culver Plumbing