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Real Estate Services

Professional Answering Services for Real Estate Businesses

Professional Answering Services for Real Estate BusinessProperty listings and sales… Property management and maintenance… They all require promptly and properly answered phones to make sure clients aren’t lost and tenant complaints are heard and dealt with effectively. Whatever your particular real estate business does, you know that constant over-the-phone communication is key to your success—every missed call is a missed opportunity, and every delayed message is a potential headache on the horizon.
With our answering service for real estate businesses, every single call to your office will be answered by a live virtual receptionist—no matter when the call comes in. Every message taken will be accurate and clear and delivered to you immediately or on a schedule of your choosing, allowing you to act with the most current information. Forget the expense of hiring full-time and around-the-clock staff for answering your phones and contact Answering Memphis instead.

Real Estate Services Need Real Answers

Real Answers For Real Estate ServicesCustomers today expect constant connectivity, and this applies to businesses in the real estate industry more than almost any other type of business. Weekends, evenings, and holidays don’t mean anything to house hunters, small business owners looking for a new location, and tenants who are having maintenance emergencies. If there isn’t someone standing by to answer your phones twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year round, you’re allowing clients to pass you by and your competition to get a leg up.
Rather than going through the expense and effort of hiring and training full-time (and over-time) staff to handle your inbound call answering needs, consider signing on with an experienced, fully-staffed and fully-professional answering service. Get the real call answering solutions you need for your real estate business without the resource intensity and uncertainty of hiring your own staff. When you make Answering Memphis your new real estate partner, you get a team of dedicated virtual receptionists ready to answer your calls all day, all night, and all year.
We don’t take sick days. We don’t take holidays. There is no “sorry we were away from our desk” Everyone who calls your business, whether they’re seeking to buy or sell property, need to bring a maintenance issue to your attention, or have any other inquiry, will be answered promptly, professionally, and pleasantly. You’ll be putting a face—and voice—on your company that can’t be beat, and you’ll get all of the information you need from each call while taking up less of your own time.

Go Ahead! Start Your Real Estate Answering Service Today

Start Your Real Estate Answering Service TodayWhat could your business do if the time you spent on the phone was devoted to other tasks? How much more real estate could you buy, sell, rent, and manage, and how much more efficiently? Why don’t you give us a call today and find out! We have customizable service plans to fit every budget and to give every business its best chance at success!

“I just closed one of the biggest deals of my career, thanks to the caring, charming, professional way they handled the calls. Get them working for you now.”


Thomas Marchbanks,
Remax Elite